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Coordination of conferences and workshops




  • Workshop Lingua Receptiva as mode for Inclusive Multilingualism. Masterclass lecture series. University of Luxembourg, 24 april 2014
  • LOT Winterschool.Multilingualism at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam January 13-24 2014 Amsterdam.



  • Toolkit for Transnational Communication in Europe . Panel at theAnéla conference, Lunteren, Mai, 10th 2012






  • Member of the scientific committee at The Second International Conference on Multicultural Discourses at the Institute of Discourse and Cultural Studies Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China April 13-15th , 2007
  • “Meertaligheid in de asielprocedure’. panel at the Anelastudiedag on April, 20th 2007.


  • ‘Intercultural Mediation’ panel at the 37th Conference of the German Association of Applied Linguistics (GAL) at Muenster University on September, 23-25th 2006.


  • Member of the scientific committee at ANELA studiedag ‘Meertaligheid zonder meer’ Utrecht, April 28th 2005.
  • ‘Meertaligheid en (nieuwe) media’ panel at the ‘Anela conferentie, Meertaligheid zonder meer’ Utrecht, April, 28th 2005.
  • ‘Tolk: mediator en/of beoordelaar’ panel at the ‘Anela conference, ‘Meertaligheid zonder meer’ Utrecht, April 28th 2005.
  • ‘Receptive Multilingualism and intercultural communication’, panel at the 9th International conference of International Pragmatic Association at Riva del Grade Congressi, July, 17th 2005 in Riva del Garda, Italy.


  • “Werben; interkulturell/ mehrsprachig”, panel at the 36th Conference of the Association of Applied Linguistics (GAL) September, 24th 2004 at Universität Koblenz-Landau.
  • ‘”Interkulturelle Kommunikation und kontrastive Linguistik’ with the theme ‘Receptive Multilingualism and intercultural communication’ at the conference van de 35th Conference of the German Association of Applied Linguistics (GAL), 23-25.09-2004 in Wuppertal.


  • ”Transition of intercultural competencies for specific institutional situations’, panel at 34th Conference of the German Association of Applied Linguistics (GAL), September 27-29th 2003 in Tübingen.


  • ‘ Contrasts of / Contrasting intra- & intercultures in business communication – linguistic and semiotic realisations, panel at the 33th Conference of the German Association of Applied Linguistics (GAL) September 28th until October 1th 2002 in Keulen.


  • ‘Multimodal structures of Intercultures’ panel at 32th Conference of the German Association of Applied Linguistics (GAL)), 28-09-01.10-2001 in Passau.
  • ‘Translatory Action and Intercultural communication’ panel at the 34th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea on “Language Study at the turn of Milennium”, August 28-31th 2001 in Leuven (B).


  • ‘De stereotyping intercultural discourse’. Panel at the 7th International Pragmatic Conference, Budapest, July, 9-14th 2000.
  • ”Intercultural Communication’ Panel at the ‘Britisch Sociolinguistics Confererence’ at University of the West of England, Bristol, April 25-27th 2000 .


  • ‘Intercultural communication training’. 24th Arbeitkreis Gesprächsforschung at November 19-21th 1998 in Chemnitz-Klaffenbach.
  • ‘Linguistische Analyse der interkulturellen Kommunikation’ Panel at the 20th Conference of German Association for general Applied Linguistics (DgfS) March, 4-6th 1998 in Halle/Saale Bührig).
  • ’2nd Arbeitskreis Linguistische Pragmatik’ at March 3th 1998 in Halle/Saale Klemm.

 1997 – 2002

  • ‘Chemnitzer colloquium Gesprächsanalyse’ in the period 1997 until 2002 in each summer and winter semester.


  • ‘Tekstkenmerken’, Panel of Centre for language and Communcation, Universiteit Utrecht, December 12th 1995.
  • ‘De taalwetenschappelijke biografie’ Panel at conference ‘The week of the biography’, University of Amsterdam, December 12-17th 1995.


  • ‘Competency Based Training in Australia’, Workshop at University of Amsterdam, November, 23th 1993.


  • ‘Course on Discourse analyss’ Worskshop at the Summer University, University of Amsterdam, August, 26-30th 1991.
  • Member of the conference committee of the congres ‘Het leermiddel op school’, Bilthoven Januar 4th 1991.


  • ‘Taal, ideologie en instituties: diskursanalytische benaderingen’, Workshop at Utrecht University, March 23th 1987 en November 27th 1987.
  • ‘Kwaliteit in het onderwijs, reformpedagogische modellen’ Conference in Bilthoven, September 23th 1987.
  • ‘leder Kind is een kinderboekenschrijver’ Workshop at the Taaldrukwerkplaats Amsterdam, November 12-13th 1987.
About Jan D. ten Thije

Jan D. ten Thije is an expert in the field of intercultural communication and (receptive) multilingualism.