PhD Projects

Sione Twilt Hogeschool Rotterdam / Universiteit Utrecht (September 2022 –  September 2027)
LIMINA: Logos In Meertalige INterActie. Een multidimensionaal onderzoek naar meertalige communicatie in logopedische interacties.’ Hogeschool Rotterdam (Supervisors: Rick de Graaff (Utrecht), Jan ten Thije (Utrecht) en Karin Neijenhuis (Rotterdam)

Daan Hovens Maastricht University (January 2017 – 2020)
Project: Multilingualism at the workplace: the use of Dutch and German in the Euroregio
Supervisors: Leonie Cornips (Maastricht), Jan ten Thije (Utrecht), Johannes J.G. Schmeets (Maastricht)
Publication: Hovens, D. (2021). Power dynamics at work: an ethnography of a multilingual metal foundry in the Dutch-German borderland. [Doctoral Thesis, Maastricht University].

Gerda Blees (Universiteit Utrecht)  (January 2013 – )
Project: Interactive alignment in lingua receptiva dialogue: the cognition of monitoring and accommodation.
Supervisors: Frank Wijnen, Pim Mak Jan D. ten Thije (Utrecht)

Daria Bahtina (Universiteit Utrecht) (October 2009 –  September 2013)
Project: Lingua Receptiva in Estonian-Russian Context
Supervisors: Frank Wijnen (Utrecht) & Jan D. ten Thije & Anna Verschik (Tallinn)
Publication: Daria Bahtina-Jantsikene (2013) Lingua Receptiva in Estonian-Russian communication

Roos Beerkens (Universität Münster) (January 2007 – January 2010)
Project: Receptive multilingualism as a language mode in the Dutch-German border area
Supervisors: Lut Missine (Münster), Wilhelm Griesshaber (Münster) & Jan D. ten Thije
Publication: Beerkens (2010) Receptive multilingualism as a language mode in the Dutch-German border

Membership of peer review panel or committee

Birgitta Bexten (Defence 21 april 2010) Was macht Hypertext mit Text? Textlinguistische Einsichten in das be- und entgrenzende Wirken von Paratext und Text in Hypertext“ Universiteit Leiden. (Review panel)

Saskia Laval (Defence 3 December 2010) Communicating transparency: A genre network approach.
How do corporate governance codes – the SOX and the Tabaksblat Code – affect Dutch cross-listed companies’ corporate communication? Universiteit Utrecht. (Review panel)

Jelena Golubovic (Defence 2 Mai  2016) ) Mutual intelligibilty in the Slavic language area. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. (Review panel)

Christopher Thesing (Defence 23 Nobvember 2016), Intercultural Communication in German-Dutch business contexts. Dissertatie Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Waxmann Münster/New York. (Committee)

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