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The yearly EUROCAMPUS INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION forms part of EMICC (European Master in Intercultural Communication). EMICC is a teaching and research network of ten European universities specializing in intercultural communication proposing an interdisciplinary study programme designed to enhance academic and professional competence of participants preparing for careers with significant intercultural contact.

The core of EMICC is the yearly EUROCAMPUS INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION, a four month intensive programme taught by professors from the network universities and visiting lecturers, in which three to five students from each partner university can take part.

The 2014 EUROCAMPUS INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION will take  place at Paris, France.

Previous editions were held in Jyväskylä (2002), Bayreuth (2003), Brussels (2004), Cambridge (2005), Lisbon (2006), Lugano (2007), Tartu (2008) and Lugano (2009), Utrecht (20120) Castellon (2011), Coimbra (2012), and Jyväskylä (2013). In 2015 the EUROCAMPUS will be organized in Cambridge.

EMICC Contactperson in Utrecht: Jan D. ten Thije

About Jan D. ten Thije

Prof. dr. Jan D. ten Thije is an expert in the field of intercultural communication and (receptive) multilingualism.